Traffic access

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In the case of use of a car

From Kitakyushu to about 1 hour and a half

About 1 hour after Fukuoka

In the case of use of train

About 2 hours after Kitakyushu station

About 2 hours after Hakata station

The nearest station of an Toho village office is Daigyouji Station.
Please choose the station from which it gets down according to the purpose.
・Inquiry contact
 JR Kyushu Information ceter:050-3786-1717
 JR Kyusyu Web site:JR Kyushu ticketing office

In the case of use of bus

From Fukuoka

・Inquiry contact
 Nishitetsu custmer center:0570-00-1010
 Nishitetsu Web site:Nisitetsu Kurashineto

From Tokyo or Osaka

In the case of use of airplane
About 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo to Fukuoka
About 1 hour and 5 minutes From Osaka to Fukuoka
In the case of use of Shinkansen
About 5 hours From Tokyo to Fukuoka (Hakata sta.)
About 2 hours and 30minutes From Osaka to Fukuoka (Hakata sta.)