Dec.Glasses Bridge light up
Apr.Iwaya festival
MayMintou Festival
Jun.Firefly festival
Jun.Bamboo terraced rice fields of the fire festival
Jul.Takagi shrine summer festival
Aug.Summer festival
Aug.Katara' Festival (biennial)
Sep.Koishiwara thousand votive candle-night Kagura
Oct.Minto Mura Festival
Oct.Star festival
Nov.Autumn Festival

Landscape ornamentalGlasses Bridge light up

Train that runs on the glasses Bridge is like a shining galaxy railway. To shoot the fantastic landscape, photographer also visited a lot.

ScheduleEarly December - the next in early January
VenueKurikino bridges, Takayuki bridges (Chikuzen-Iwaya Station - Dai gyouji Station)
Contact informationAgriculture, Forestry and Tourism Division commerce and tourism engagement
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Traditional eventIwaya Festival

Traditional festival Iwaya festival that lasted longer. Majestic "Goma memorial service" and"Kagura", the village young peaple climb the mountain "Abare mikoshi", it is a fun event Lots.

ScheduleApril the second Saturday and Sunday
venueIwaya shrine around

Next time held
April 9 -

Pottery marketMinto Mura festival

Ceramic festival in spring and autumn, is held twice a year. In pottery, potter's ware made in accordance with the festival is being prepared. We can buy it at cheaper prices than usual.Crowded with a lot of fans coming doing seeking unusual from all over the country.

ScheduleMay 3-5
SponsorshipMintou Mura Festival Steering Committee
contact informationMinsue unevenness Festival Steering Committee
TEL: 0946-74-2121

Next time held
May 3 to

Villagers eventsFirefly Festival

By long protection movement activities, the village is the attractions of the leading firefly also in the prefecture. The village of two primary rivers (Houzuyama River-Ohigawa), a lot of fireflies inhabit. "Firefly Festival" is crowded with a lot of people as a tradition to tell the beginning of the summer.
※ Parking Please use the Houzuyama ground (shuttle bus from the parking lot to the festival venue).

ScheduleJune first Saturday
VenueTanada Shinsui Park
ContactTEL: 0946-74-2311
Toho Village Planning Promotion Division

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Villagers eventbamboo terraced rice fields fire festival

TAKE area that have been certified in Japan terraced rice fields hundred election. On this day, and lights for about 1,200 of handmade torch to rice terraces filled with water. Must see the fantastic scenery that myriad of light is builds reflected on the surface of the water of the terraced rice fields. Also seen wild dance of the fireflies around.
There is a stage events and store openings. Since the dark feet, please come with a flashlight.
※ We ask 500 yen as terraced rice fields conservation cooperation money (more than junior high school students). This is a funds of the terraced rice fields conservation activities.

venueTake area terraced rice fields Exchange Center around

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Traditional eventOshishi Mawashi

Young man with a lion's face visit the houses while threatening the children raised the loud voice.They are you praying for the health of the people.

ScheduleJune (after rice planting)

Traditional eventTakagi shrine summer festival

People will replace the "Uso(lie)" of wood carving at the venue. And, by changing the last year of misfortune to Uso (lie), is auspicious event to attract this year of good fortune.

ScheduleJuly last Sunday
VenueLarge sumo referee shrine
OrganizerLarge sumo referee shrine

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Villagers eventSummer festival

Summer festival that held place in the Koishiwara plateau of cool environment. It is also performed various events of Shops and taiko. At home festival.

VenueKoishiwara ground

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Villagers eventKatara' Festival (every other year)

Once summer festival that takes place in two years.Lanterns Yamakasa to symbol, somen sink and Bon dancing is performed. Also do not forget brilliant fireworks.

ScheduleAugust 15,
VenueOld Houzuyama elementary school playground
SponsorshipKatara' Festival Executive Committee

Traditional eventIshihara thousand votive candle-night Kagura

Thousand votive candle is a festival with a long history. Candle of lined bamboo to the stairs up to the main hall is fantastic.
Year one-time night Kagura, solemnly be played, will captivate the audience.

ScheduleSeptember the first Saturday
VenueKoishiwara Takagi shrine
OrganizedTakagi shrine

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porcelain MarketMintou Mura Festival

Ceramic festival in spring and autumn, is held twice a year. In pottery, potter's ware made in accordance with the festival is being prepared. We can buy it at cheaper prices than usual.Crowded with a lot of fans coming doing seeking unusual from all over the country.

Schedule3 days to October the Sports Day and the final
OrganizerMintou Mura Festival Steering Committee
Contact InformationMintou Mura Festival Steering Committee
TEL: 0946-74-2121

Next time held
October 8 ~

Traditional eventOhoshi sama festival

Bearers straw portable shrine called "Ohoshi like" made with new straw caught this year, will head to Fukui shrine. Turning round or resting 3 times or more on the way, is a very new festival which is not allowed. The Sumo convention in which the children of a village participate is also held.

cheduleOctober, the fourth Sunday
VenueFukui shrine

The next time held

Villagers eventAutumn Festival

"It is the harvest festival of autumn. Sales of specialty products, stage events, the local cuisine, is a fun event.

ScheduleNovember first Sunday
VenueHouzuyama ground

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