Gyouja Japan cedarsGyouja Japan cedars

Shugenja planted the cedars, it has become the growth to a large tree.

The Toho Village, there is a giant group of old about 200 to 600 years.It is a stunning cedars over about 4.68ha.Once upon a time Shugendo was thriving, was place of important ascetics in the region also Shugenja. When Shugenja are to be trained in Hikosan, there is a custom to plant the cedars of the ear, the cedar those that grew up over the years has been referred to as the "Gyouja cedars".

Among the Gyouja cedars, giant tree named "Great cedars" is, height of about 55m, trunk circumference 8.3m, is the estimated age 600 years old. It has been selected in the "forest giants hundred elections" of the Forestry Agency. In addition to "the Great cedars", Gyouja mother "miracle cedars" and"boundary cedars", such as "Onisugi" is representative of the huge cedars. They stretch and straight to the sky, it will hide the sky.
There is a promenade, you can stroll through the majestic trees.

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