Kajiwara Hiroki potteryKajiwara Hiroki gama

In order to carve out a new color world , in this kiln has continued to create pottery in the Noborigama (climbing kiln).

Fun every day in the charming colorful tableware
The craftsman visited around Japan, learned the "various works." And, he has challenged the "vessel making the enjoyment of the color" as his unique tableware.
The craftsman is using the Noborigama(climbing kiln) change is baked up of work in the conditions that time, such as season and firewood.He has continued to pottery-making, in order to carve out a new color world.

Pottery nameKajiwara Hiroki pottery
Pottrey masterKajiwara Hiroki
Street addressFukuoka Prefecture Asakura District Toho Village Oaza Koishiwara 2828
phone number0946-74-2355
business hours8:00 to 17:00
Regular holidayThird Wednesday
Parking Lotavailable
Production experienceNone
Message from representativeI want to make a bowl my own in the kiln made with myself. And want to create the vessel, such as you enjoy the color.Noborikama is profound, there is a change in the baked when conditions that such condition the season and firewood.When I was engaged well with nature, I think so that the color convincing is born.

The pottery, there are those whose production process leading phase is journey human form.I thought the process is profound.At the same time is go brush your humanity, strictly to myself, I would like to open up a new world.