Kunimitsu potteryKunimitsu gama

Many fans in a unique view of the world with its vessel

Kunimitsu pottery has the nickname "Ocyan(Uncle) pottery". While repeating success and failure, he has made tabele ware he want to make .The belief there are like people.The surface of the pottery are often ones green, purple, texture is also unique rough.It is familiar to life every time you use, feel to be a "table ware to suit yourself."Vessel as well, porcelain dolls Kappa and owl figurines are popular.Slightly different shapes and colors in the same product, the same product does not exist as one.
Spring azalea (around April 20), the fall of autumn leaves (around early November ~) is beautiful.

Pottery nameKunimitsu pottery
pottery masterTakakura Kunimitsu
addressFukuoka Prefecture Asakura District Toho Village Oaza Koishiwara 1785
phone number0946-74-2432
business hours8:00 to 17:00
Regular holidayThursday
Parking LotAvailable
Production experienceNone