Doll workshop Yasunori

Cute doll expression. We have accepted the made to order.

Hakata doll maker, a traditional craftsmen workshop Yasunori Ono. He was born in Koishiwara, was Introduction to the Mr. Minoru Nakamura Hakata doll artist from the age of 15. After the 9 degrees winning, independent.
The exhibition hall, there is a different from the bright colors Hakata doll, soil dolls and incense burner, vases.You will feel the height of the technology in its work.Doll does not need to put on the case, "can be wiped off, washable".The workshop is also accepting the order of the original Hina dolls and Satsuki doll.
He said while listening to the wishes of the customer, you want to create a work that is pleasing.

Workshop nameDoll workshop Yasunori
representativeYasunori Ono
Street addressFukuoka Prefecture Asakura District Toho Village Oaza Koishiwara 3942-2
phone number0946-74-2000
business hours9:00 to 17:00
Regular holidayThere is a temporary closure
Parking Lot50
Production experienceNone