Ota Jun glass workshopOta Jun Tefuki Garasu Koubou

Simple and gentle glass to feel the roots Koishiwara

The glass craftsman in the same recycled glass manufacturing method as Ryukyu glass, has been manufacturing from start to finish by one person.He was born to the second son Koishiwara ware Tetsuzo Ota pottery. My brother is the way pottery, Mr. Jun choose the road glass. Glass using a bumpy the mall technique is, make a beautiful shadow on a table or wall when the light is shines.Here work is a daily use glass and easy to use. "Dish the jump plane was garnished" it is also used nice as a saucer. You can feel the Koishiwara ware roots in a beautiful glass simple.

Workshop nameOta Jun glass workshop
representativeOta Jun
Street addressFukuoka Prefecture Asakura District Toho Village Oaza Koishiwara 899
phone number0946-74-2780
business hours10:00 to 17:00
Regular holidayIrregular
Parking LotAvailable
Production experienceNone
Message from representativeIt is hand-blown glass by using the waste bin.
I don't like to play the eccentric artis,and want to create a natural and honest work.
You will feel in the glass, a generous modeling, warm color was born naturally. I hope that it is a "vessel" that easy to use every day.