Vent de sel Shiokaze klinShiokaze kiln


French potter-Luc Foucher's pottery. He loved the beauty of the Japanese vessel since I lived in France. So he embraced an interest in pottery, began the study pottery.Put salt in 1300 degrees high-temperature kiln, component and the fusion of the vaporized salinity bowl soil.It put a beautiful pattern and color wonder on the surface. Since intentionally the pattern can not make, the same vessel can not make again. 's find the only favorite yourself in exhibition hall.

Pottery nameShiokaze klin
Kiln mainLuc Foucher (Luc Foucher)
Street addressFukuoka Prefecture Asakura District Toho Village Oaza Koishiwara 435
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Production experienceNone
Message from a representativeI chose is that [Enyu baked], is born technique in Germany of the twelve century.
Since the same thing can not be again, it is the most attractive Ichigo Ichie is fun. Shades of bright blue is characterized.
"Some of my work, there are those that combine a culture that lives with culture that has grown up.
See you in the Shiokaze kiln.
プロフィールHe was born in the second half of the 20th century France Paris suburbs. He started judo at the age of 13, in order to polish more the [spirit] martial arts, was Introduction to karate more martial arts mind is strong in the 23-year-old. Then from the encounter when I was training karate in the United Kingdom, training to enter the dojo [Akirakokorokan] in the Kasuga Fukuoka Prefecture as apprentice.

He started archery in 1989, start the Iaidou in 1990. For admission to the College 1993 tea ceremony [Urasenke School Midori Kai] to Kyoto.
After graduating from the 1996 vocational school, again to Fukuoka.
Move to the 1999 Fukuoka Prefecture Koishiwara. Start the Shiokaze kiln.

With the qualification karate three-stage / archery five-stage / Iaido four-stage / tea ceremony (shin no Gyou · Hikitsugi) Urasenke instructor