Koishiwarayaki Ceramics Museum

In Koishiwarayaki Ceramics Museum, you can pottery experience.
Also the first one, because help is ceramic art adviser, says work while having fun is finished. Please use recollections of the Koishiwara sightseeing.
* Reservation is required.

addressFukuoka Prefecture Asakura District Toho Village Oaza Koishiwara 730-9
phone number0946-74-2266
Opening time9:00~17:00
Closure dayTuesday (it is the next day in the case of a public holiday)
Year ends and New Year holidays
ReservationIt receives by telephone (till 15:30)
CourseHand forming
Official site http://www.koishiwarayaki.or.jp/
Admission feeAdult - 220JPY (170JPY)
A high school student and a college student - 170JPY(110JPY)
Schoolchild and junior high school student - 110JPY(80JPY)
prices within parentheses are group rates (20 people or more)
Number of parking140
pottery experience
Hand forming500g -1300JPT | A Bowl and a teacup can be made.
1Kg - 2380JPY | A flower vase and a large bowl can be made.
China-paintingCup(small) - 760JPY
Cup(large) - 980JPY
5-sun plate(15cm) -1080JPY
7-sun plate(21cm) -2160JPY
Mug - 1620JPY
The charge of packing320JPY
Mailing costC.O.D.
RemarksIncluding tax, an admission fee and the charge of calcination are included altogether.
Experience of Tobikanna is also made. Please ask for details.
Ceramic art school
One-day course2 times per month (monthly amount) - 10500JPY
10:00 ~ 15:00
A half-day course2 times per month (monthly amount) - 6300JPY
10:00 ~ 12:00 / 13:00 ~ 15:00
Lecture day1-3rd Sundays
1-3rd Saturdays
2-4th Saturdays
LecturerYasuo Kumagai, Yusuke Kumagai, Kajiwara Ryouzan
Admission fee4500JPY (valid for three years)
* aged 65 and over -- 3,150JPY/continuation -- 2,100 circle
Room-to-let usage fee
Exhibition room 4 Morning (09:00 to 13:00) -- 250 JPY (direction of outskirts of a village 1,000JPY)
Afternoon (13:00 - 17:00) -- 250 JPY(direction of outskirts of a village 1,000JPY)
training roomThe same as the exhibition room 4
Entrance hallThe same as the exhibition room 4
Tea room Morning (09:00 to 13:00) -- 500 JPY (direction of outskirts of a village 2,000JPY)
Afternoon (13:00 - 17:00) -- 400 JPY(direction of outskirts of a village 2,000JPY)
RemarksReceive in the unit of morning and an afternoon.
Hour of use contains the time which preparation and a rearrangement take.
An admission fee does not contain about - room-to-let usage fee.